1. To encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and promote the progress of Forensic Nursing Science.
  2. To highlight the importance and to raise the standard of forensic nursing science practices in relation to administration of justice.
  3. To co-operate with other Scientific Associations.
  4. To encourage and publish important research in all branches of Forensic Nursing Science.
  5. To represent internationally the research work carried out in Forensic Nursing Science.
  6. To advise the Governmental bodies on matters pertaining to Forensic Nursing Science.
  7. To organize and arrange meetings, workshops and symposia on Forensic Nursing Science    and allied Subjects.
  8. To serve and administer funds, grants, endowments for the furtherance of research in Forensic Nursing Science.
  9. To own and acquire, administer and dispose of properties movable and immovable of the Academy.

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